Monday, 13 August 2007

Bits and pieces...

1. I went to the supermarket at the weekend, and the girl at the checkout had hiccups. She asked me an interesting question....."Do mute people get hiccups?" I didn't have an answer for her.

2. Australian men's magazine Zoo Weekly has just launched a competition. The prize? Win a boob job for your girlfriend!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?????

3. Two P-Plate (probationary) drivers drove into a tree and a light post near my house on Friday night. 8 people are now in hospital. When I hear stories of accidents involving P-Plate drivers, I've noticed that 9 times out of 10, these P-platers are driving Holden Commodores (with big V8 engines). Perhaps the only way to stop the insanity of losing an increasing number of young people in preventable road accidents, is to ban them from driving this type of car. One of my suggestions is to hand out pre-paid funeral service brochures to everyone who buys a Holden Commodore. Hell - why not offer a discounted funeral package so their friends get a good deal too. Goodness knows they're sure to be some of the passengers.

If you hadn't sensed it, I feel quite strongly about number 3. It makes me sad and angry every time I hear or watch the news and this kind of story appears, which is more often than not lately. The Office of Road Safety can talk about curfews etc all they want, but everything must come back to cause and effect - take away the Holden Commodore (the cause) and the effect will be different.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Finding Facebook....

I've discovered Facebook, and during the past couple weeks, have been spending my precious "blog" hours chatting to long lost friends on that.

Since that time the following has happened:

My sister has officially announced a Nerd Alert on my life.

I've tried on my first wedding dress.....very weird.

My boyfriend turned 33......he also wore the most bizarre jumper/sweater in the entire universe, which for some reason, I had never before encountered in the 8 and a half years we've been together. Where he's been hiding it all this time, I do not know, but I can understand why it was kept well away from broad daylight.

One of my most beautifully gorgeous friends welcomed baby number 3 into the world.

Another of my most beautifully gorgeous friends got engaged.

I picked up a cool black leather satchel I had on lay-by for 2 months.

And I had a cold.

It's amazing how much can happen in such a short time.