Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What? No shopping?

I was in Sydney last week for work and what a whirlwind trip it was. And you know how I know that it was?

I was in Sydney for 3 and a haf days during SALE SEASON and I didn't even go into one shop!!! Sacrilege I know, and I'm still trying to get over it by repeating the "I saved lots of money" mantra each morning, noon and night. It hasn't worked yet and I'm still kind of teary over the missed opportunities.....but I'm strong, so I'll recover :oD

My Dream #1

I had a dream I was pregnant and going into labour. But instead of going to the hospital, I went into a kitchen and Gordon Ramsay was looking after me. Hmmmm....not sure what that was all about. I don't even think he was a doctor. He was just, well, Gordon Ramsay...the chef. I love food and all, but I don't think eating a delicious meal would be high on the agenda during childbirth, even if it WAS cooked by Chef!

My Dream # 2

I was sitting behind Adam Levine (from Maroon 5) on a bus and randomly started massaging his scalp. WHY???? I have ABSOLUTELY no idea!!

I lead such an exciting life don't I? In my dreams maybe.

BTW - Bob Marley's Is This Love is streaming out of the Backpacker's Hostel next door to me right now. Sighhhhh.....wish I was lying poolside at a Four Seasons resort somewhere in the tropics, basking in the warm and brilliant sunshine, eating fresh pineapple and breathing in the clean ocean air.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Miss Goody-Two-Shoes...

I've been slack with adding a new post the past week and a bit because every time I tried, I was mesmerised by George and wanted him to be the first thing I saw each time I visited my blog :o)

But alas, I came across something interesting in today's West Australian newspaper, and thought I'd share it with you all. So what's so interesting? Well it's the origin of the phrase "Goody-Two-Shoes".

Not that it's a phrase I use, but it's one that's been used for a long time, since 1765 actually...so for anyone who's interested, here's the story behind it.

Goody-two-shoes is taken from a children's story, created in 1765 by Oliver Goldsmith.

The original title of the story?

The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes, otherwise called Mrs Marjorie Twoshoes, with the Means by Which She Acquired Her Learning and Wisdom, and in Consequence Therof Her Estate; Set Forth At Large for the Benefit of Those Who From a State of Rags and Care and Having Shoes But Half a pair; Their Fortune and Their Fame Would Fix, and Gallop in a Coach and Six.

SERIOUSLY!!! Imagine trying to market a book with that title!

Anyway, the story's main character is a poor child who only owns one shoe, but for being good, she was given a pair of new shoes. Her joy knew no bounds and she proudly showed them off to all and sundry, telling everyone she had "two shoes". In time, she acquired knowledge and became very wealthy...in other words she became smug.

So, that's how "good but smug" people came to be refered to as "a little goody-two-shoes".

Photos of the story weren't very exciting, so I thought I'd post this one instead:

Hey! It's my blog so I can :oD