Monday, 19 March 2007

Starting a thing

I've decided to start a thing. I'm going to make 6am to 8am every weekday MY time. MY time to sort my thoughts and tasks for the day.
A LOT of that time may well be spent sleeping...given winter's on its way... but I'd like to believe I'll make the most of it. If not, someone PLEASE remind me as to why I decided to start a thing!
I used to love starting the day reading the paper at a cafe. Kinda makes you feel on the ball when you're armed with all that "fresh" knowledge. It's been sooooo long since I've done that before work. Am also getting a bit tardy with the punctuality these days, so this may be a good thing for my work ethic too - don't want ma, pa or the boy giving me a warning now!
So tomorrow I will start my thing. Which cafe will it be??

1 comment:

NYC Modelista said...

How's the 6 - 8 AM "me time" working out?

I tried that but after two days, I realized I prefer to sleep an extra two hours than "me time". Me = can be a bore at times.