Sunday, 13 July 2008

Today's whinge(s)...

Whinge #1

I'm the first to admit I'm a coffee snob. Why else would I have just spent $11.80 on a short macchiato? Well, I didn't exactly pay that much for one coffee, but rather for as many I went in search of one that was palatable. Unfortunately they were ALL bitter as hell, so I am utterly dissatisfied and peeved that I wasted almost $12!!

Seriously, a good short mac is enough to send me into a child-like state, where I twirl with glee. It can make or break my mood - a sure sign that I'm an addict. I travel an extra 20 minutes to work twice a week just so the route I take bypasses a cafe that makes me a perfect short mac with half a sugar every time. I can feel the peace and tranquility come over me each morning as I take my first sip of the creamy liquid heaven . Unlike this morning, where my three attempts at scoring the perfect hit saw my face screw up with more creases than an unironed linen suit. And to top it off, I spilt half a cup of the bitter brew all over the gearstick in my car! Simply sensational!

The husband thinks it's a sign I should quit, but I like to ignore his suggestion. As a non-coffee drinker, what would he know, right?

Whinge #2

On another note, we have a council junk collection this week - it's our annual opportunity to stick all our unwanted crap on our verge for the council to collect and dump elsewhere. Anyway, I had just put the first few items on the verge, including husband's old and rusted bike, when a car with a trailer pulled up. A man emerged and started rummaging through the crap, only stopping when the bike seat caught his eye.

He proceeded to twist and pull at the bike seat with all his might, continuing even as I approached with more of our junk. And this is where my beef lies - I'm a supporter of recycling, and I'm glad this guy was offering the bike seat a new home, but I just think it's courteous to ask if you can take someone's rubbish when the rubbish owner is standing right in front of you, instead of just huffing and puffing away like a looter gone wild for goodness sake! It's not like I would've said "No, you can't have it."!!!

Maybe if I'd had a good coffee this morning, I wouldn't be so grumpy :o(

Aaaah well, good luck to him and his "new" bike seat. May they find eternal happiness.


coco said...

$11.80?? To be fair I waste that much on bad magazines. I guess everyone has something they waste money on!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

12 dollars? I've never paid that much for a coffee! Coco said she spends that on a magazine, well at least you keep it you don't drink it away. I believe the price though, everyting in australia is so bloody expensive.

LJ said...

Umm, I love my morning coffee too! I've had to limit myself to one Cafe Neros indulgence per day - rest of the time its rather gross office coffee for me :(

Ming the Merciless said...

I feel your pain. I am a caffeine-aholic too except now it is summer so I'm struggling to find a way to feed that habit without getting hot and sweaty in the process. My daily battle is trying to get to work (in public transportation) without arriving without looking like a drown rat. Iced latte can only do so much in this heat.

The Taskers said...

I love reading your blog - not only because I love you, but since you're a writer it's always so well written. Keep it up, girlfriend! And I feel your pain, I'm so sorry you spent so much on crappy coffee!