Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Got hiccups...

I've discovered a cure!

I contracted a rather serious (and noisy) dose of hiccups just before bedtime (what are the chances), and despite attempts to get rid of them via the traditional methods of holding my breath, gulping water, standing on one leg, doing a cartwheel...ok...I may have made some of those up...whatever, the hiccups were still hanging on, begging me to stay awake a little longer.

Then wa-la...I discovered a cure.

Next time you get the hiccups, give this remedy a whirl:

Lie on your side, relax, then breathe slowly, gently and deeply. My hiccups were gone within a minute.

Sweet relief and a good night's sleep...finally!


Mo said...

oh I like the impractical ones best. Especially when it is someone else. Stand on your head, drink backwards all of them. Especailly if you are lying comfortably in bed while instructing someone else what to do. (bit evil aren't I)

coco said...

It helps if you just breathe really slow. Simple but always helps.

Lynda Willoughby said...

Nice cocktail! I prefer to keep drinking until I pass out lol... but will try your remedy next time the hiccups come on...it better work! Especially if I do it in a room full of strangers HA HA