Monday, 16 April 2007

Can you commit..............Part 2

Thank you to NYC Modelista and Nameless4Now for sharing your tips with me - you both sound like you're on the perfect track to help maintain the world we live in.

As promised, here are more ideas..............

8. Support your local farmer....their fruit, vegies, eggs, milk etc don't need to travel far, so less fuel is needed to transport them.

9. Plant a bamboo looks great, and because bamboo grows so quickly, it absorbs more CO2 than a rosebush!

10. Shut off your computer.......a screen saver IS NOT an energy saver.

11. Switch off power points....75% of all household electricty is from standby power to keep electronics eg TVs, DVDs, stereos etc running when they're "off".

12. Think about you really need the plastic covers for blank CDs? Do you really need that many napkins? Why not return the unwanted sugar packets to that cafe?

13. Service your car:

  • Tuning your engine can improve fuel-mileage by 4%
  • Replacing a clogged air filter can boost efficiency 10%
  • Keeping tyres properly inflated can improve mileage 3%
The Result: all these efforts combined may reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by your car by 90kg a year.

Here's to committing to making a really is up to us as individuals.


Nameless4Now said...

Thanks for the pat on the back Bel!

Feeling vastly morally superior is one thing. A little human praise is always welcome too!

Walking to the shops this afternoon, on a lovely 25 degree Melbourne day, I realised what I should write about today: rain.

Keep up the good work: Only 5,999,999,997 more to convert! :o)

Cheers, M.

NYC Modelista said...

8. I eat out 99% of the time so I hardly ever buy food at the grocery store except maybe OJ and fruits. I will try to get my apples from the Green Market this weekend.

9. I live in an apartment building so I don't have fences. And I can't grow anything. I have BLACK THUMBS! I even managed to drown a cactus that was given to me as a house warming gift.

10. I only unplug everything in my apartment when I leave for a week long vacation. But I do switch my laptops (home and office) off when I leave.

11. I keep all bubble wraps to use them again when I have to package and send things to my family. But I could do more to reduce packaging waste.

12. No car, no servicing!

NYC Modelista said...

BTW, just wanted to say I love these tips on reducing global warming!!