Monday, 2 April 2007

Who's more confused - them or us?

When did rehab become "cool"? I always thought alcohol and drug addiction were serious forms of self harm, and that seeking help to overcome them was a very personal matter.

It seems the more addictions you have these days, the more press you get, and the more press you get, the bigger your celebrity status, and the bigger your celebrity get the idea.

And each and every one of us who hands over our $5 note each week to buy our favourite trashy tabloid filled with grainy shots of celebs on the inside (of the rehab centre de jour), is contributing to this vicious cycle of making serious personal health issues, seem "cool and trendy".

Is it any wonder that the world is in the state it's in when we pay more attention to Britney shaving her head, than to the 1000's killed daily in places like Darfur.

What's happened to our perspective?


Anonymous said...

Preferably the rehab place should be in the desert in southwestern US.

Now I'll have a look at some of the rest of your blog. Seems kinda fun. Found you via The Sartorialist...


Belinda said...

Hi Anonymous M.

Thanks for your message - hope you enjoyed the rest of my blog.

Please drop by again! :o)

Anonymous said...

Your right! It's really surprising what people keep as cool... And I'm worried about how many celebrities nowadays have problems with alcohol or drugs. Hopefully it will change soon! Otherwise I can't even imagine how they will look after only a few years. And then, would they still be our "icons"?

PS. Thanks for your visit! :)